Autism Strategy Group for Children and Young People

We were really pleased to be invited to the following group which was established following an initial Autism Multiagency meeting in July 2016. This initial meeting sought to bring together those in leadership roles for Autism in various children’s services within South Gloucestershire - in order to consider what is offered to children and their families, and to ensure collaboration with others as part of developing a clear approach on managing the needs of CYP with Autism across South Gloucestershire. 

The group will represent key stakeholders for South Gloucestershire children with Autism, and their families, and will advise and inform commissioners such that they can invest to save, for instance, through early intervention.

Updates Spring 2017

The group has asked if we can get some more accurate data about how many Children and Young People we have in South Glos with Autism , how many are waiting to have a diagnosis etc. We hope to hear at our next meeting in July 18th what the outcome of this request will be. 

A statement of intent has been written regarding PDA. It is currently in draft format and can be read here.     

Next meeting July 18th 2017


Updates Summer 2017

Details too follow soon