Managing Behaviour that Challenges Parent Carer Workshop

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Managing Behaviour that Challenges Parent Carer Workshop


29th of April 2019

09:30 AM (for 09:45 AM start) - 1:00 PM

Kingswood Community Centre, New Cheltenham Road (BS15 4FS)

All behaviour is a form of communication. Some behaviours can be really challenging for parents and carers of SEND children, whether this is anger, agression and frustration or the child who shuts down and ‘checks out’. Join us for our workshop designed with educational psychologists and parent carers to explores behaviour and behaviour managing strategies.

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Mapping your SEND Journey; your toolkit for the road training explores key ares of concerns for parents and follows 5 golden threads:

  • What is going on? Looking for clues.

  • Knowing and understanding

  • Positive & proactive = happier families

  • Making it work for you

  • Moving forward

As this is a pilot series of workshops we are asking for a £10 payment that is refundable on attending the course.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way, if you are no longer able to attend we ask that we are contacted to advise of this at the earliest opportunity. If we are able to fill your space having been given good notice of being unable to attend, we can refund your deposit payment.