What is Parent Participation?

Parent Participation is when parents and carers  get involved in service planning and decision making

This means that services can better meet the needs of families with children & young people with disabilities and additional needs so resources are not wasted on services which parents and families do not take up.

Effective parent participation happens when parents have conversations with and work alongside professionals, in order to co design, develop and improve services.

Working with parents and carers helps professionals to understand what needs to happen to develop services that meet families’ needs and also helps parents and carers understand the complexity involved and the challenges faced by the professionals who have to bring about that change. Working together and sharing knowledge enables parents and professionals to find solutions that work.

South Glos Parents and Carers strongly believe along with other forums across England that in order to have effective partnership working with the best outcomes you need the following:

Good Information, Honest Consultation, Effective Participation and Co-production.

Where possible we work at Co-productions and Participation based on the ladder below.

Ladder of Participation