Mapping Your SEND Journey; Your Toolkit for the Road to Help You Find Your Way!

What you need to know to understand and help your child whether there is a diagnosis or not without the waiting list!


designed & delivered by professionals & parents

Professionals and parent carers collaborated together to create our workshops.

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five golden threads run through each workshop

Five golden threads run through most of our workshops to guide our attendees on their journey.


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Designed & delivered by professionals & parents. The dream team.

Professionals and parent carers have collaborated together to create our workshops.  The combination of professional expertise and knowledge and the lived experience of parenting a SEND child is really powerful.  When you come to our workshops you are not only getting the benefit of years of training, expertise and insight into the health services available, you know that you are understood and supported by other parent carer trainers who are on the same journey.  Our parent carers may have lived through the current stage of your journey and have a lot of knowledge and information to share for your next steps and most importantly, they get it!

Our workshops have been designed to be pan-disability. There is a variety of need in our South Glos SEND community and furthermore there is a lot of cross over between needs and their challenges. The effective strategies we teach are effective across disability ‘type’. Everyone involved is really passionate about SEND and helping empower and inform parent carers and we are hugely grateful and inspired by all that they do.

Our workshop topics.

  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety

  • Understanding Sensory Needs

  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour that Challenges

  • Understanding Communication Needs

  • Strategies for feeling in control and being prepared when you have a child with Physical Disabilities and Complex Medical Needs

The five golden threads that run through each workshop

Most of our courses will follow 5 threads or themes that weave and flow through each workshop reflecting the questions we have as parent carers and steps on our journey (the exception being our physical disability and complex health need course).  These are:


This theme sees us digging deep investigating the reasons why!  Sometimes as parent carers we need help to get to the bottom of a behaviour or issue.  Our workshops will help you to reflect on what is going on.  Sometimes just understanding why our children behave a particular way can help relieve stress and is a vital starting point to managing an issue and feeling in control. 


Once we know what is going on, we can build on our knowledge and understanding.  SEND knowledge brings many "aha!" and "so that is why...." moments.  Our workshops will develop your knowledge and increase your understanding of your child, based on the theme of the course. They will give you a great spring board from which to carry on expanding your knowledge and understanding which will enable you to be your childs best advocate. 


Once we have developed our understanding we can look at ways to be proactive to address the issues we face. When your child's needs are met and they feel safe and supported, they can flourish.  Happiness for all! At our workshops you will learn about strategies, techniques and resources.


Our courses will help you reflect on how you can apply all the knowledge and strategies that you have acquired and apply them to your own unique circumstances and your child.  We know that although the challenges our children face are very similar, they are all unique individuals.


Once you have learnt what to do and how it can work for you, what are the next steps you will take?  How do you share this information with those who work with your child so you are all on the same page?  What services are out there and how do you access them?  What can the future hold?  Our workshops will gently help you start to think about the future and 'what next?'.

Workshop Feedback and Reviews

Really useful information - pitched perfectly (more about coping tools etc as opposed to the science behind it. Very easy to listen to and interact with.
— A parent
Fab : ) Thank you! I have made so many notes and have taken so much away - despite thinking that I ‘already knew’ about anxiety. Thank you!!!!!
I felt I wasn’t alone, other parents there are going through the same. I was introduced to literature sources, reasons for behaviour was explained and advice from professionals and parents.
I most definitely recommend these. Fantastic course, you will learn about to cope with and handel your child’s behaviour.
A huge range of experiences from the facilitators which covered a wide range of participant’s needs.
A very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with great insight into the individual child’s needs.

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