Workshops for our community!  

We are working towards offering more parenting programmes/workshops that are taylored to our needs as Parent Carers.  We know how valuable this is to our Parent Carers as they tell us:

Generic parenting courses are not always helpful or appropriate to our families’ needs. We need to be amongst others in similar situations sharing different strategies and learning from each other.

Exciting News! Inrtoducing our new Pilot! 

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We have funding from South GLOUCESTERSHIRE council to design some workshops that are more specific to our families needs.  This is a Pilot throughout 2018-2019 where we want to collect your thoughts.  

We have a fantastic Team of Parents and Professionals who are working together and writing this programme.

All our courses will follow 5 threads or themes.

  1. What is going on? Looking for clues. Digging deep trying to investigate the reasons why !

  2. Knowing and understanding. Having knowledge explains so much and will bring many "aha!" and "so that is why...." moments. Our workshops will develop your knowledge and increase your understanding of your child based on the theme of the course.

  3. Positive & Proactive = happier families Once we have an understanding we can look at ways to be proactive to address the issues we face .When your child's needs are met and they feel safe and supported they can flourish. Happiness for all!

  4. Making it work for you. Our courses will help you learn how you can apply all the knowledge that you have acquired and apply it to your own circumstances and your child.

  5. Moving forward So now you know what to do and how it can work for you, what are the next steps? How do you share this information with those who work with your child so you are all on the same page? What services are out there and how you access them? What can the future hold? This course will gently help you start to think about the future and 'what next?'.

Our very first workshop was based on Sensory Needs and is part of a new series of workshops written for Parents and Carers in South Glos.  We are piloting 5/6 different workshops for Parents and Carers in South Glos only.

Our 2nd workshop focused on understanding communication which was delivered by one of our Professional Trainers and One of our Parent Trainers on the 3rd October.

Our 3rd and latest workshop is on Managing Behaviour that Challenges and will be delivered on the 19th of November. Click the Learn More button to book.  

Would you like to help us by attending our workshops and giving us feedback? 

We are asking for a £10 returnable deposit on attendance. 



Cygnet Programmes update

SGPC are no longer the provider of the Cygnet Programme. We ran the courses in the short term to help reduce the waiting list whilst a new provider was found.  We sucessfully reduced the list from 180 families down to 30 .

The Provider is Southern Brooks.

For any information about this please contact Southern brooks 

Tel number:  01454 868 570

thank you