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We are so pleased you are signing up to be a member of South Glos Parents and Carers .

New legislation that is being introduced on May 25th 2018 states that all organisations must have permission to record, store personal details and therefore we need your explicit consent to register and keep your personal details on our database.

We ask you for personal information such as your contact details , equality information and details about your child's needs etc. The purpose for collecting this information is mainly for our monitoring purposes to help us ensure that our services are fully accessible and to understand our community and our reach. It will not restrict your access to a service if you choose not to provide us with all the details we ask for. It also helps us to analyse our community and show how we are reaching families to our funders. 

Please read our Privacy Policy here  for more information about when and why we collect personal information.

Please note if you choose not to provide your consent we will not be able to add you to our membership so therefore can not keep in touch. However with your consent you can control what data you give us. 

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