How do we work in South Glos ?

Our voices matter and we work to enable you to have a say about the support and services your son or daughter may access.  We run a engagement and participation service to empower you and our community.

Participation what does it really mean?

What is Participation about?  

Want to find out more about what Parent Participation is.  Why we do what do. Why Parent Carers views are important for service design and review across education, health and social care. 

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We need your VIEWS tell us now! 

We need to hear your views about services and support available. The more views we get the stronger our voices can become ! Find our what we are collecting views on here .This will help us greatly thanks. 

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What we are working on at the moment 

This section shows you the meetings that we currently sit on at strategic level or as part of working groups we are involved with . Ensuring we are inputting the collective views we hear from our community .

We Collect Parents Carers views in lots of different ways:

  • Running engagement sessions

  • Focus groups

  • Surveys

  • Visiting other parent groups

  • Listening to what parents tell us

  • Social media(be sure to Like and Follow us!)

  • Feedback from our support groups

We have a team of Parent Carers who Represent families.

Our reps sit on numerous boards, and service provider meetings to make sure that what is being discussed fits in with what we’ve identified through working with and listening to you and Parents Carers in our SGPC  community. 

We identify problem areas and work for change.

We listen to what you tell us, we really do, and we gather this information and identify the key concerns of comments we hear from our community. We pass on our findings and suggestions to service providers, who welcome and respond to our input.  There is real value to feedback from parents who have real day to day experience of accessing services.  We celebrate the good as well as feedback the change we want to see. Please help us by completing our Parent Carer Feedback Form.  

Keeping our families informed.

We like to be involved in it all, and quite right to, we work hard for you.  We are truly committed to keeping in touch with our families that make up our community.  You will hear updates about what we have been doing and how we are representing our community on Social Media and through e-newsletters. Be sure to sign up on our database and Like us on Facebook pages.

We share any new consultations that we have been made aware of this way for parents to comment on so we can give representation to as many views in our community as possible.

What we are unable to do.

We focus on co-production and providing spaces to enable parents and carers to support one another. We are unable to undertake individual issues that parents and carers have about their own child and are unable to offer a 1-1 advocacy service. We can sign-post to services that may be able to help in this regard.

Do South Glos Parents and Carers campaign?

We are not affiliated with any political party. We are also not a campaign group, that is to say, we don’t campaign to raise awareness on issues to influence those who make decisions, and we aim to be involved in the decision making and planning processes themselves. We work in a solution focused way with service providers towards the best possible outcomes for our community.

Often we want to see the same improvements as local campaign groups and believe there is room for all of our voices and approaches while we all work towards positive change. We are happy to work with campaign groups by providing them with information and feeding back the issues that they raise.

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