At SGPC we have very limited funding and are always striving to seek more. What we do for families is amazing considering we are doing it on a shoe string. All this is down to our passionate and proactive team who work endlessly to help reach families in South Glos. 

Funding is vital so we can continue to exist but also so we can further develop our organisation and add to our menu of services we provide.

We want to reach many more families in South Glos …

How you can help 

Thanks to our amazing digital age are many ways that you can help SGPC reach more SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) families and build our supportive community and better our family’s experiences of services.  Did you know, one such way is through the CVS South Gloucestershire website?

Community Voluntary Sector South Glos have chosen SGPC as one of their local groups to support.   Supporting us through CVS helps to raise our profile and gives essential funds to help us continue to grow our ever expanding community and to keep our service going and grow so we can adapt to what our community needs.

If you would like to find out more about how you can donate to us this way just go to: and go to the page Support Good Causes.

Funding helps us to keep supporting our community of families. Take a look at just a snapshot of our annual costs.

There are so many exciting ways you can get involved by helping us with our community

You could help fundraise for us -

From parents, grandparents, children, friends and family………. Everyone can get involved!
From cake sales, toy sales, book sales, concerts, swimming, cycling, abseiling, running, football matches , family day events,
social evenings …….. Anything is possible however big or small!
Please consider making it a fundraising event for us so we can raise much needed funds to help us continue to provide what we do for our community. Every penny helps us to continue our support groups, run courses or workshops, big events and our magazine. You could help by making a donation to South Glos Parents and Carers which can be done simply and quickly by
Anything you give no matter how little will help us greatly.