Leadership Team 


Leadership Team 


Leadership Team 


Here at South Glos Parents and Carers we are proud to have a dedicated board of directors who have stuck with us .  

Our Team 

Our Team consists of employees, directors and volunteers who would like to be involved in helping to grow and develop SGPC into a stronger supportive community. As a team we look at all aspects of our organisation from how we grow our support network whilst we strive to work towards shaping and improving services for our children in the local area. We invite all our Team to termly meetings so that they can have a chance to be involved.  Find out more about the different roles we have in our teams below. 

Our Team at HQ

Our amazing team at HQ help us to keep our organisation ‘ticking over’ on a daily basis. They are our ‘superheroes’   - data collection, database, spreadsheets, paper work etc names only part of what they do . Also our marketing and coms role that enables our community of parent carers to have regular communication via emails ,newsletters, blogs, social media, magazines and our really useful guide .

Our Project team

Our project teams are split into the 3 following teams :

Early Years ,Schools and Post 16

These are areas in which we can help you along your journey as a parent carer. Our teams of parent carer volunteers work together focusing on information, support and networking to ensure you and your families journey can me made smoother and easier to navigate.

These proactive teams work tirelessly to make this happen and we are so grateful for time and energy they give us here at SGPC. 


Our Support Team

Our support team consists of a number of experienced volunteers who help to host our support groups, run Little Treasures play & support group, and our counsellors

Their caring attitude and dedication to helping families is why the support systems we deliver are such a success.

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Our Parent Reps Team

Our Reps with their invaluable amount of knowledge, experience and expertise, are able to attend meetings with the local authority and health so we can work in co production when looking at shaping and improving services in South Glos for children and young people and their families.

Our Reps tend to be either a mixture of volunteers from our other teams or Parent Carers who represent us at different meetings. Representing the collective views we hear from our community.  

Our Training Team 

We have trainers who are both professionals and parent carers ( and often both !) to help deliver training in various areas to our community of parent carers or stakeholders. Their attention to detail and efficient delivery ensures families leave with more knowledge, understanding and confidence to help with their caring role for their child.


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South Glos Parents and Carers are a supportive community of parents and carers who work to improve services and support for children, young people with additional needs and their families.