Working with South Glos Council to redesign the Local Offer


South Glos Council have commissioned a new platform provider so that we can have a better IT system to use to help families find useful information regarding special education needs and what is available on the website of the council.. We know from families feedback that in its present form it really isn't working for you and doesn't help us to easily find the info that we need, and what info is there, is often not clearly explained in an accessible way and there is information missing .  We are working with the council to redesign the SEND Local Offer.

In Sept Oct 2018 we hosted and facilitated two engagement events for parents and carers who wanted to get involved. 

With so much feedback and really good ideas we decided the main priority for us was to ensure there was appropriate content on the SEND local offer that would give families the information they needed.

The local authority have asked us for our help with this and we have spent a lot of time writing content , finding what information families need, and then deciding how is the best way to present this information so that families receive the information they need. Also important to us is how the SEND local offer fits in with the rest of the council website and how it links with all the other different departments.

Over the summer holidays we will be working to help upload some of the content onto the new website . We will be looking for parents and carers to help test the site for us .

we want users to test the site so we can see how they would use it.

Does the content make sense ?

So you get the information that you need?

Your feedback will be so important .

The aim is to have the site available in Sept 2019 with the view to listen to more feedback and add to the SEND local offer .