SEND Strategy

2017 -2018

In march 2017 we were shown a draft send strategy . But it wasn’t co produced and we wanted to have the feedback we received from families addressed in this plan.

The council said to us lets rip up the old one and start again .

In Sept 2017 we ran and hosted 9 engagement events , we listened to families , we collected over 800 different comments and views. The sessions were attended by Parents and Carers , Young People ,Schools , LA officers , Health commissioners and practitioners .

We worked with the Local Authority to try to incorporate what we found out from the events into a SEND strategy.

We recognise that there are a lot of aspirations within the strategy and a long way to go but we are committed to trying to make services better for families especially in a very difficult financial time for all.

Behind the strategy sits an action plan that service leads are working on. The SEND partnership board monitors the action plan and the strategy .