0-25 SEND working group


Usually on a Wednesday afternoon one of our Parent Reps has committed 4 hours a day to attend the SEND pathways working group where we are going through each stage of the Education Health and Care Plan process from requesting an assessment to annual reviews.  We are joined by members from the 0-25 Team, Health commissioners and Health providers, Supportive Parents and Kids are all involved so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience around the table.

The system must improve

As a group we have worked on the EHCP needs assessment process. 

We wanted a checklist to show families how the EHCP process would work in South Glos . We insisted that we wanted meetings to happen where families had the chance to decide on the outcomes together.

The group were involved in the revamping all the letters that went out to families ( although there have been a lot of IT issues which mean some of our letters haven’t been used)

Others things the group have looked at :

Made comments on the EHCP guidance for the ECHP needs assessment/process

Helped write the Terms of Ref for the 0-25 SEND panel . The new process is being introduced in Jan 2018 and we are eagerly waiting for new IT to make this more productive. 

We contributed to guidance about quality assurance of EHCP’s

Annual Reviews the system is not working , families are not receiving the information they are expecting , the back log is high we are constantly raising this.

Over the summer 2018 we helped produce a annual review flow chart , a checklist for schools that families could also look at and new guidance . The LA introduced a new annual review team in April 2019 with a view to clear the back log but also to ensure the process is working as it should and that those children who will be approaching the key transition stages have a annual review where the team ensure the EHCP is a good quality plan ready for their next school placement. June 2019 the annual review documents were produced at the SENCOs conference.

We are conducting a detailed survey about annual reviews and the EHCP assessment process you can find our surveys here

More details to follow regarding annual reviews

EHCna Flowchart 4 1 18-1.jpg