Whether you are starting your parent carer journey or preparing for adulthood. We can SEND you on your way with our new guides!

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Our guides are created by our community of Parent Carers on their own SEND journey.  We never stop learning and we want to share what we have learnt along the way.  Our guides are a gift to our community to help other families feel more informed and less isolated and a bit more in control.   You can get FREE copies by becoming a member (for free) just by joining our database, you will be sent a copy of their release.


Completely NEW and we believe the first available of its kind for South Gloucestershire is our Preparing for Adulthood Transitions Guide covering all aspects of SEND for ages 14 - 25 years.  A little peek at what is inside....

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Preparing for Adulthood Transitions Guide Contents

  • What is preparing for adulthood?
  • What to think about around Year 8 Ages 12 - 13
  • What to think about around Year 9 Ages 13 - 14
  • What to think about around Year 10 Ages 14 - 15
  • What to think about around Year 11 Ages 15 -16
  • What to think about around Year 12 and 13 Ages 16 - 18
  • What to think about now my child is a Young Adult 19 - 25
  • Our Really Useful Directory for Preparing for Adulthood

Our Really Useful Guide has been revised and updated for 2018 and includes our Really Useful Directory, check out the contents to see how Really Useful it is!

Really Useful Guide Contents

  • Concerns and worries
  • Understanding Health and Health Services
  • What is special educational needs?
  • Special Educational Needs support
  • Education and Health Care Plan Process
  • Home to School Transport
  • Benefits and Finances
  • Top tips for attending meetings
  • Transitions.  What it all means and top tips
  • The Really Useful Directory

Services interested in purchasing hard copies

Hard printed copies are available for services for a small fee.  If your service would like to purchase some of our Really Useful Guides please email team@sglospc.org.uk