Support for Young Carers provided by The Carers Support Centre

Our community understands the joys and challenges of caring for a loved one with disabilities or illness. Often siblings or the children of those with disabilities or health needs become young carers too, taking on board a lot of the stresses, mental and emotional demands and practical physical day-to-day care.

This can present its own set of challenges when it comes to their own education and schooling and emotional and mental wellbeing.

Young Carers Bristol and South Gloucestershire is a service that is part of the Carers Centre provides help and support for young carers aged 8 – 18 years, their families and professionals who may be working with these families. The help they offer can be over the phone or within the community through groups and activities.

Heroes. is a group for 8-12-year-olds. It is run fortnightly for 2 hours for 6 sessions. The sessions work om improving confidence, self-esteem and finding coping strategies. The young carers are encouraged to explore the issues they face in a supportive gentle way.

13 Up Club is a group within Sout Gloucestershire for young carers aged 13 – 18 years. This is led by the young carers themselves who choose their weekly activities. It is an understanding space for young carers to enjoy time with their peers who also understand what one another may be going through. This is a Saturday group held once a month.

There are a wide number of activities offered throughout the year, from trips to art and cooking sessions. If you have a young carer in your life who you feel might benefit from this kind of support and understanding whilst being able to take part in some fun, get in touch with The Carers Support Centre.