Showing how hard our Parent Reps have been working for you this year.

Statistics. Who doesn’t love them?

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Parent Carer particIpation is why we exist

Alongside the support we offer, it is a big part of what our parent reps do day to day. We want to share with you a brief snap shot of the 2018/2019 year so you can see what key areas we have represented your views on and the meetings we attend, with the feedback you gave us through surveys and through your comments.

Meetings Hours 2018 - 2019

Meetings Hours 2018 - 2019

Community Reach 2015/2016 - 2018/2019

Community Reach 2015/2016 - 2018/2019

Our key areas of focus

As you can see from the graph above have spent most of our hours in meetings working on:

  • Local Offer project. Working co-productively with the local authority to create a Local Offer that works for our community and meets our needs. Our reps have spent 80.3 hours in meetings working on this project, and we will no doubt be attending many more as we keep pushing for a Local Offer that meets our community’s needs..

  • SEND Pathways Co-Production Group. Looking at each stage of the EHCP process from the point of requesting an assessment, to annual reviews. We have been attending meetings with the 0-25 Team, health commissioners and health providers, Supportive Parents and Kids and have spent 85 hours in 2018-2019 putting forward the parent carer experience and the vital imrpovements that need to be made to the EHCP process.

  • SEND Strategy Meetings. In Sept 2017 we ran and hosted 9 engagement events and we collected over 800 different comments and views. Since this time we have been working with the Local Authority to try to incorporate what we found out from the events into a SEND strategy. We recognise that there are high aspirations within the strategy and a long way to go until they are delivered but we are committed to trying to make services better for families especially in very difficult financial times for all. This is why during 2018-2019 we have attended 44.5 hours of meetings representing your views for the SEND strategy.

My haven’t we grown!

Taking a quick look at our Community Reach statistics for 2018/19 we can see that our reach is growing. Making contact with everyone in our SEND community in South Glos is a huge goal of ours, because when we are in contact with all SEND families we can better represent our community of diverse disability need. Some key statistics:

  • 158 new members

  • Our website had a whopping 86% increase in visitors, from 12,500 visits the previous year to 22,700 in 2018/19. We are working to improve our website all the time and are carrying out an overhaul presently to make sure over the next few months it is as up-to-date, accurate and user friendly as possible.

  • Facebook followers increased from 1289 to 1635 (1644 today)

  • Our Closed Facebook Group grew from 475 to 613 and is still growing (634 today)

Giving your views is easy.

We have created several short surveys on specific topics that are always available online and shared over email and social media. When ever you have something to share you can just tell us.

Giving your feedback is easy and as a thank you gives you the opportunty to win a £25 gift voucher in a prize draw each term.