Our Understanding and Supporting Behaviour workshop pilot was a great success!

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A fantastic workshop with great parents and Carers.

On Monday 19th of November we held the third of our pilot training workshops themed around behaviour. Our key message for the wonderful parents and carers who came is that all behaviour is a form of communication. All behaviour tells us of a need that is met if our child is calm and in a happy, feeling well sort of state or of unmet needs if they are reaching meltdown or entering shutdown.

We explored an overview of behaviour and strategies to manage the behaviour that challenges us as parents. We also had a table with a great array of resources to be explored. Our aim is to give all SEND parents and carers a toolkit of strategies and resources that will help them on their journey.

What makes the workshop as always is the participation of the parents and carers who joined us and were fully engaged and willing to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The vibe was relaxed and supportive with just the right does of laughter.

Just look at what the parents who attended had to say!

Happy, relaxed and supportive atmosphere with lots of knowledge and experience.
Really enjoyed the course and meeting the trainers & other parents & hearing struggles form personal viewpoints, how to recognise (behaviours), how to help and which strategies to put in place.
Most definitely recommend. Fantastic course you will learn a lot about how to cope and handle your child’s behaviours
Very beneficial and some very useful strategies and techniques.
A huge range of experience from the facilitators which answered a wide range of needs for participants

Look out for our next course we have some great plans, it is themed around anxiety, understanding anxiety and helpful strategies. An email will be sent to only those on our database at the time they go on sale and it is first come first served. A refundable £10 will need to be paid to secure your place and will be returned upon attendance and completion of a feedback form. The thoughts and experiences of attendees are so important to us so that we can continue to improve our community’s experience.