OFSTED report for the Children's Services Inspection released May 8th 2019

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South Glos Council moves from an ‘Inadequate’ rating to

‘Requires Improvement’.

You may recall in November 2017 the OFSTED Children’s Services report released found the local authority to have an overall rating in this area of inadequate. If you want to remind yourself of this report you can click here.

This inspection looked at these key areas:

  • Children who need help and protection.

  • Children who are looked after and achieving permanence

  • Adoption performance

  • Experiences and progess of care leavers

  • Leadership, management and governance.

Since this time OFSTED have been conducting a number of monitoring visits and have this month released their latest assessment and report for inspections carried out in March 2019. It’s conclusion? There have been improvements but they do not nearly go far or fast enough. The latest rating has been moved to Requires Improvement. This is better but can hardly be considered good news and South Glos Council still have a very long way to go.

What still needs to improve?

The whole report and summary can be read here, but we will highlight for you now what needs to imrpove.

  • The implementation of sustainable improvements across all parts of the service.

  • The timeliness of decision-making at the first point of contact with children’s services.

  • The quality of analysis of assessments of children’s needs.

  • The timeliness of preventative services provided to children referred to the FYPS.

  • The timeliness of return home interviews when children go missing from home or care.

  • The timeliness and quality of preparation of care leavers for independent living and the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for extended periods of time.

  • The quality of children’s child in need and protection plans so that they include clear measurable actions, with timescales as well as contingency arrangements.

  • Sufficiency of local placements to meet the needs of children with complex needs as well as older children.

  • The effectiveness of supervision and management oversight in progressing work in a timely way.

  • The quality and range of performance information available to senior leaders to track performance.

  • The impact and effectiveness of the virtual school, including monitoring by the virtual school of young people who are not in education, employment or training.

  • The health information provided to older care leavers.

  • The oversight of permanence arrangements for individual children.

What have South Glos Parents and Carers been doing during this time?

We have not been involved in the OFSTED inspection or monitoring visits themselves, so did not contribute to this particular inspection, but we have been:

  • Feeding back to the 0-25 disabilities team all that you have been telling us regarding your experiences of accessing social care services and early help.

  • Linking into the disability safeguarding group to ensure that our community’s voice and needs are not overlooked in discussions.

We will continue to do this as we do in other areas so that we see timely, faster paced improvements. If you have experineces that you want to share with us, do get in touch or alternatively, check out our feedback surveys page with holds feedback surveys on key topics and issues for our community so we can caputure your voice whenever you are ready in an easy and convenient way.

Just some of the meeting we have been attending for you