NEWS FLASH: The EHCP Annual review process is being reviewed and we are there giving your views.

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South Glos Council are analysing and unpicking each stage of the process and we are helping.

We hear from so many of you about what isn't working well with the EHC Plan annual review process, one huge bugbear is poor communication.  The local authority with our help is looking at all the issues we are raising about what is not working well and breaking down all the stages of the process to see:

  1. What issues, practical or procedural are contributing to the problems.
  2. What improvements and changes can be made.

Already identified is an issue with the telephone system that the department currently has, calls being automatically transferred to another phone if the landline number dialled is not answered within a few rings.  This system has also not been recording any missed calls with phone number details of the caller.  Change to the system and how it operates will resolve a percentage of phone call difficulties.

South Glos Council and Health agree that communication has been a huge issue and a source of much frustrations and recognise that there are many problems . We have worked to Co-produce a 2 year communication plan which will look at internal communication to families ( ie return of calls /emails)  and communication of information. (ie advertising the Local Offer and other key information )  This communication plan will be released and available for you to see around September 2018 and you will see it as soon as we do!

Other big issues that we have been raising from what you have told us is the lack of a time frame and timescales for each stage of the Annual review process if your child has a EHC plan , Parents not receiving the appropriate paperwork after the review and the requests for amendments to changes to the EHC Plan are taking far too long. We have worked to ensure the timelines are clearer, looked at a flow chart, guidance, and checklists which will all go towards making an Annual review Toolkit. 

More News 

Lisa Savage the interim team manager of the 0-25 Education team will be leaving the end of July and her replacement has been recruited to start in October. We will give you more information on this in the future. Meanwhile, Duane Chappell will resume the day to day running of the service until October.


You can help out when we attend these meetings without ever needing to show up!

When we go to our meetings with all the services we access, we need to take the views, concerns and experiences, the bad and the good, from our community.  One way you can help us to do this is to complete our Tell Us form, whenever you have something to say.  It is available online 24/7 and it does not matter how many times you have completed it, do it as many times as you have something to say.

More bonuses

Not only do we take your views to meetings, working groups and the boards we sit on, we compile annual reports for service providers AND you could win a £25 gift voucher each term.  Click the button below.

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