Jessie and Friends. Online Safety Education Animations for 4 - 7 Year Olds.

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Our kids LOVE their tablets, laptops, consoles and computers, maybe more so than typical children. Many of our children due to their disabilities are particularly vulnerable and so need extra guidance when it comes to understanding online safety. This can be tricky as we don’t always know how to communicate the risks in a way our child fully understands.

Jessie and Friends might be a helpful way to broach and discuss three areas of online risk. Jessie & Friends follows the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world. They learn that while the internet can be an exciting place where they can learn and have fun, sometimes they may encounter things online which make them feel worried, scared or sad.

Each animation has been created for a different age group and covers different topics:

Episode 1 – Watching Videos (4-5 years)

Episode 2 – Sharing Pictures (5-6 years)

Episode 3 – Playing Games (6-7 years)

They might serve as a good conversation starter for a tricky topic and explain things that we mind find hard to explain and put into words. Why not check out the videos below to see if it is something that could be useful to you.

The episodes are sorted into age order but you can choose the topic and age level that you think your child may need if their understanding does not match their biological age. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to show them these animations on a tablet, which if your household is like ours, they will give a whole lot more attention to than they give us. Not to mention it can be rewound again and again for processing needs too.

There is also a series that has been designed specifically for those with learning difficulties too that could be so helpful in explaining online safety for our young people with these challenges..

Episode 1 - Watching videos

Episode 2 - Sharing pictures

Episode 2 - Playing games