It's PRIDE month! Did you know there are LGBTQ support groups for young people in South Glos?

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Alphabets LGBTQ Cafe for Young People Aged 13 -19 Years.

Adolesence is a tricky time enough as it is, but what if you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, non-binary or are questioning your sexuality and / or gender? It can be even tougher and there is a strong link with mental health challenges and difficulties for these groups too.

We love our wonderfully diverse community and know that some of our children and young people will not only be dealiing with additional needs but also questioning their sexuality and or gender. Alphabets LGBTQ Cafe is for young people aged 13-19 to meet and find support and is held in Kingswood and Patchway. Contact details. Tel: 01454 869441.


Some other great places to go for information and support.

There is also a dedicated website to the LGBTQ community managed by The Diversity Trust which can be found here and a closed Facebook group LGBT South Glos that can be found here.

This video is from the MIndYou website that is an online resource exploring a range of mental health and emotional issues and offers information and support where available.

Much love to our diverse community!