Health in Schools Mental Wellbeing Awards


Mental health and wellbeing is a huge area of concern for many families within our community, so it is positive to see that there is a new Health in Schools Programme in South Gloucestershire run by the Public Health and Wellbeing Team at South Glos Council.

The scheme aims to encourage and support schools to develop a whole school approach to improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of students, staff and parents/carers. Ambitious and important goals!

It will come as no surprise to our community that evidence supports the fact that a whole school approach is effective in improving mental health, and that children with higher levels of emotional wellbeing have higher levels of academic achievement.  When our children feel safe and calm they are able to learn.

Some of the reported highlights from the project so far are:

• 34 schools have signed up!

• The project could have a positive impact on 15000 pupils in South Gloucestershire

• Behaviour policies are being changed to improve wellbeing

• Wellbeing teams of staff and students are being formed to support work in school

• Worry boxes are being made available for children to share difficulties

• Staff wellbeing events happening on a regular basis

• Increased attendance

• Improved behaviour

• Increased awareness of mental health and wellbeing

• Targeted, tailored support provided for the most vulnerable students

There have been some awards given to some South Glos schools at Bronze and Silver level for their achievements in Health in Schools (Gold is to be announced in the near future). This is a real positive and it is good to see that mental health and wellbeing is being explored and taken seriously within school settings. Well done and congratulations to:


  • Christ Church Junior School

  • Longwell Green Primary School

  • Pucklechurch Primary School

  • Severn Beach Primary School


  • St. Stephen’s Junior School

  • St. John’s Mead Primary School

If you want to find out more about Health in Schools visit their webpage