Give your views on the draft Early Help Strategy for Children 2019 - 2024

How you can give your views


The South Gloucestershire Children, Young People and Families Partnership have released the draft version of their Early Help Strategy for Children 2019 - 2024 for consultation and taking the views of South Glos residents, stakeholders and organisations.

It closes on Wednesday 20th of March 2019

An easy read version will be released on January 31st 2019

Why is SGlosPC sharing?

This strategy will have an impact on all young families in South Glos, not just SEND families although we often need more interventions early on within our children’s lives for various reasons. We want to promote it so that you our community have a chance to a) know that the consultation is out there and is happening and b) have the opportunity to make your views known.

Read the draft strategy for consultation here.

What is inside?

The document sets out their vision and their priorities for action and their commitment to joint working and their offer.


So what do you think?