We can't wait to see you at our Local Offer event. You would be doing us a huge favour if before you arrive you could.....

Go Team!

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Sometimes in life, we find what we want by experiencing what we don’t like, or something that meets some of our needs, but not all. We realise by a process of elimination what we truly want is often a combination of all the good stuff we experience put together in a new way that makes us the most content we can be.

Our big project passion is redesigning and developing the SEND Local Offer to improve access to information and support for SEND families and the professionals who support them, and some of you are with us for the ride by joining us for our events.

How can you know what you like if you don’t know what is possible?

We already know that in it’s present form the South Glos Local Offer just doesn’t work, but what other examples are out there? We have picked out a few that OpenObjects (the contracted platform providers) have created for other local authorities.

Cornwall SEND Local Offer

Rochdale SEND Local Offer

Hackney SEND Local Offer

Plymouth SEND Local Offer

For a basis of comparison to Open Objects work: South Glos SEND Offer

We would like you to explore as many as you have the time for

Before you join us for our events or take part in our Local Offer surveys it would be really helpful if you could explore all of the links above to see how you respond to them. Some of the things you may want to consider is:

  • What you like / don’t like

  • Was the navigation easy and intuitive?

  • Was the content and information what you needed there?

  • Was the information organised and displayed in a helpful, attractive way?

  • Was it visually overwhelming?

  • Can you ‘search’ effectively?

  • Do you feel welcomed and as though the info is for you? Does it feel personalised or corporate and distant?

  • Do you have a preference for tone and style?

  • Are there jargon busting terminology pop ups or simple, clear language?

  • Are you getting really valuable information or just a directory list?

  • If you didn’t know which service you needed, could you find information to help? Are you guided by the headings and links?

  • Can you give feedback easily?

Scenarios you might want to play with

You may have your own personal or work related situtation in mind as you explore the websites, but if you are stuck with that we have put together a couple of typical parent carer scenarios you might want to use as a start pointing.

You are a parent of a child who has just started primary school. You know they have been struggling and their behaviour at home has deteriorated. The teacher has expressed concern about their ability to cope in the classroom environment and is concerned with their academic progress. No other concerns had been raised until now throughout nursery and preschool. You don’t know what to do or where to go for help. Go to a Local Offer webiste and see if you can find some useful information.
You have a child with additional needs who will soon be turning 15 years old. You are worried about the next steps in their education and what services will be available to them as they become an adult to help your child lead as independent a life as possible. Go to a Local Offer website and see if you can find any helpful and useful information

Best of luck. Go Team!

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