We know how strongly you feel about Direct Payments!

The challenges in recruiting and keeping PAs.png

So we have booked a meeting with Nick Lowe, Service Manager, 0-25 Disability Services.

We feel your frustration! We will be raising the challenges you have experienced with recruiting and retaining a PA with Nick Lowe at our meeting.

A recent post about the £150K of reclaimed from families who use Direct payments on our closed Facebook group saw a massive 113 comments in response. We could really feel the exasperation many of you feel with many posts echoing the same experiences and challenges over and over again.

Some of the challenges and frustrations you have told us about:

it’s so hard to appoint the right person who is available to work the right times for individuals needs. Plus the LA are very difficult when it comes to flexible use of the DP budgets, which was supposed to be the aim, so a family might have a solution that would solve a problem but the LA often say you can’t do that
— A parent
Our package was always good but we could never recruit or get enough agency hours to use them..social care were useless at supporting us but since we moved to CCG funding they are brilliant and support with recruitment and filling gaps with better agencies
— A parent
The agency I use cannot fulfil the contracted hours this month, they have recruitment issues. I would recruit myself but it is difficult to get the right staff to do the hours when needed. Agencies charge so much more too.
— A parent
Another problem is specifically wheelchair users. If you need to get them places PAs won’t have their own accessible transport so you have to take them to activities yourself so defeats the object.
— A parent
Difficult to recruit. Especially in rural parts of South Glos. Unable to use DPs to fund pa’s petrol costs so this puts potential pa’s off. South Glos won’t help us recruit, we asked.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday November 20th 2019. We will be raising all of the challenges and difficulties that you have highlighted and we also want to use this opportunity to raise and discuss Carer’s Assessments also.

Our plan to present a need for change

We will be developing a specific survey that we will share on our website, over email and social media in the near future. From this and the short term data, we will gather in the run-up to the meeting we will create a report. To get a quick bit of data feedback prior to the meeting we are gathering comments made on the Facebook threads and creating quick Facebook polls on the issues faced in recruiting and retaining PAs. These polls will be within our closed facebook group.