Great Quick Tips! Personal Independence Payment Applications.

To help you cope with the changes coming for young people aged 16 and over

If your young person is aged 16 or over and they need extra help due to a disability or mental health condition, they may be entitled to a Personal Independence Payment.  The main eligibility rules are:

  • Aged between 16 - 64
  • Must need help with every day tasks and getting around
  • Have had this need for 3 months prior to application and the need is expected to continue for a further 9 months
  • Usually residing within the UK
  • Have lived in England, Wales or Scotland for 2 years.

There are changes coming to the DLA so many of our children receive.  If your child is 16 and already receives DLA you will get a letter by October 2017 from the DWP about moving from DLA to PIP.  This will not be an automatatic transition even if you have previously received a lifetime 'indefinite' award of DLA.  There will be yet more of the dreaded paperwork, which we all know here can be difficult and can be often a sad and upsetting process.

Hft a charity that supports people with learning disabilities and their families has created a great quick tips document that may help your mind focus on what information is needed and how to approach the form.  It is really worth a read.  You can get it here

If you struggle with forms and need a bit of extra help, it might be a good idea to get some assistance from the Citizens Advice Bureau, their South Glos offices and support times can be found here.