Father's Day. A chance to reflect on all the amazing things the Dads in our community do.

Sometimes the contributions of Fathers of SEND children are not fully recognised.

Sometimes the contributions of Fathers of SEND children are not fully recognised.

Here's to all you fantastic fathers.

We here at SGPC HQ would love to see more Dads at our support groups.  It might seem at times that Dads of SEND children are forgotten, not represented in the media or that their contribution is not necessarily acknowledged and recognised by service providers

Fathers interviewed by Herbert and Carpenter (1994) felt there was a lack of co-ordination between services and that they were assigned a subsidiary role in the family, with services focussed predominantly on the mother and the medical needs of their baby.
— Barry Carpenter: Inside the portrait of a family: the importance of fatherhood

We recognise you and what you do for your loved ones and the family you care for.  The impact of having a child with a disability can be as tough for Dad as it is for Mum and the approaches that men and women take in how they cope and deal with this can be very different.  You may feel that you need to be the strong competent one or even that there isn't a space for you to talk openly and honestly about your anxieties, hopes and fears.  

We all shape and structure our families in the way that works best for our little unit and we see quite often that the role of a bread winner becomes very important when a parent needs to give up their career to meet caring needs.  Now the bread winner may very well be the mother, but we see more often than not, it is you Dads taking on this responsibility and the stress of increased reliance on you to 'bring home the bacon'.  You may have had to change your career direction and plans, putting your own dreams and ambitions aside or on hold.  So too the stay at home carer dad. We recognise the social and emotional impact of the sacrifices you make for your family out of love and the amazing job that you do.

Radio 5 Live recently did a phone in Your Call on 8th of June, about the role of Dads with children with disabilities, a lot of the calls were from fathers of autistic children but the descriptions of the often unrecognised roles and the impact it has will no doubt be recognised by fathers of children with any type of disability.  Have a listen if you can.  Click here

Dads, you are always so very welcome at our groups and meetings, we would love to advoacte the needs of fathers and their experiences as carers accessing services and their involvement with them.  We have a counselling service that is there for you just as much as the mums and we are always open to hearing more about how we can make it easier for you to be involved in our community.

Much love to all the fathers of children with disabilities and special needs.  Experts in extreme parenting.