How well do we know you?

Keep an eye on your inbox for a data updating form on its way to you.

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We here at SGPC want to do the best job we possibly can when we meet with service providers to advocate your needs and feedback your experiences and concerns.  Our Tell Us form is one part of how we do this, another way is by holding data on our families and the types of needs they have.  Local Authorities and Health love stats and figures and data when they are developing and changing services, so when we sit on the various boards and steering groups we are a part of and attend meetings with the LA, we want to be able to give accuarate and anonymised data about our families and their needs.

You can help us by making sure your details with us are up to date.  Presently we have 349 families on our database that we don't have accurate data for, that is a lot of need we don't have the full picture for.  Help us to make a difference for our community by taking the time to click the link and answer the questions.

As an added bonus, completing this form will enable us to create needs specific mailing lists so we can target information that is relevant to you and your family.  Win win!