Introducing our amazing ambassador Nikki Stargazer.

She tells us all about her ADHD that she feels is a truly positive strength, TV fame and about her work as a healer.

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Nikki certainly has charm and the ability to put people at ease quickly.  She has an air of positivity that doesn't give away her early struggles with a disability unrecognised until adulthood and other life journey experiences that are remarkable and in the process of being put into a book about her life.  She is a busy and sought after woman.  She is the lead psychic on Shadow Chasers, a popular TV show on Made in Bristol, that investigates reputedly paranormal hotspots across the West Country.  She also works as a healer offering many wellbeing treatments and as a member of the LGBT was an official reporter for PRIDE Bristol 2016.  

Despite how busy she is, she has always had time and energy and a real passion for disability issues and providing nurturing spaces and therapies for the Parent Carers and has a great offer for all SGPC members. She is so passionate about working with Parent Carers she jumped at the chance to be an ambassador for us.  This passion and drive comes from her own experiences with disability and more recently from being a carer for a dear friend.  We got together to ask her a few questions about her background, her experiences and any hints and tips she may have for those with ADHD within our community.

Nikki, you are a woman of many talents.  Tell us a bit of your story.

15 years a go I came to realise that what I had thought was naughtiness in my childhood and a real love of freedom and being free spirited might actually be something more than just that. This was when I recognised my ADHD. As a child I would be a bit of a nightmare for my mum. I love the outdoors and often my mum would wake up to find me not in bed, I would have taken my duvet and pillow and headed outside while they were sleeping or wonder off helping the milkman with his rounds. I must have been such a worry for my amazing mum and dad. I had a real love of freedom with a need to escape often and I didn’t think through the possible dangers or how inappropriate my behaviour was. My brain was always so easily distracted, I would be in class or trying to do something I needed to concentrate on and would be like ...oooh...look a squirrel! I also had a tic, which was a sort of cough whilst hitting my chest at the same time. I was lucky to have friends who just accepted it and me how I was and it is still a bit of a joke we laugh about when we meet up.

Alongside all of this was a spiritual side to me that began with past life dreams, war and concentration camp memories and I found that I could see spirit. I have always been hugely empathic and have picked up on other peoples energies. As a young child I found this really overwhelming and that just contributed to what I though was my naughtiness. It is funny to be asked this question, I am reflecting so much on my childhood at the moment with the process of writing this book and reflecting on my experiences but with the understanding of adult me
Nikki thought as a child she was just naughty.  We think she was adorable! Just look at that face.

Nikki thought as a child she was just naughty.  We think she was adorable! Just look at that face.

I have used the term "disability", but I know that you have particular feelings about this term for yourself.

I don’t use that term to describe myself. I see my ADHD as a gift that enables me, it enables not disables, and makes me who I am. I actually prefer the term Indigo as in Indigo Child or Indigo Warrior. I identify strongly with those terms, my diagnosis gives me gifts so ‘disability’ as it is understood is not something I relate to.

So how does your ADHD affect you as an adult?  Are things different or easier for you?

Pretty much the same as when I was a child really. I would say that although I struggle with paperwork and find it hard to hold my attention, things have definitely slowed down for me in terms of my ADHD. It is not so fast. I still have my love of freedom and being in nature and wide open spaces.

It does enable me to do a lot more so there are some real plus bits! I have an ability to really hyper focus on something that I am really interested in. I can work on one thing for like 15 hours straight without stopping. I am really honest about my ADHD but I do find myself having to explain myself a lot, explain to people why I can be so fast and energetic. When I do my psychic evenings I use it as a funny ice breaker to introduce myself, I say “Hi I’m Nikki, psychic lesbian with ADHD”, it helps relax people with a bit of humour but also gives an explanation of how I am and who I am.

Reading into what you say, it sounds like there are some real challenges there for you.  What are the most challenging aspects?

There are some more challenging aspects. I get obsessive about things, details, and I over analyse everything. Quite literally everything. I will create a Mind Map, but go into exhaustive detail with it, colour code it and then I am unhappy with it and do it all over again, going into minute detail. This is something I do way more when I a stressed out. I have also wondered as lots of us have if I am on the autistic spectrum somewhere.

So those are the tough bits.  What are the best bits?

That would definitely be the sense of freedom and energy and the hyperfocus when that works well for me.

You are a single mum and have a daughter Indiana. Tell us about her.

I am so proud of her. She has so many Indigo qualities. She is really intelligent and caring with a beautiful soul and a real love for animals and an interest in healing. She will be training to be a vetinary nurse. Being a single mum has its challenges as other single mums out there will know but I am so proud of the woman she is becoming.
Nikki and her daughter Indiana

Nikki and her daughter Indiana

What tips do you have for children or young adults with ADHD within our community?

My big tips are keeping things simple. Break things down always. I find using bullet points really helps to break down tasks and information. Allow yourself the freedom of movement. If I have to sit still too long I get anxious and will start to sweat. Fidget things, toys and the spinners that are the latest craze are really helpful and enabling a kenetic leraning style, learning through play and movement.

Do you think your ADHD help with your healing and psychic work?

A big thing for me was the decision not to medicate my ADHD symptoms.  I didn’t want to dull my psychic senses and other gifts.  I find that I am highly empathic and have been through so much with my disability and life in general including domestic abuse, I can sense and see what needs to  be healed, not just the physical but the emotional as well.  I can relate to people on so many levels about so many things.  As I analsye everything, I have a strength in metacognition, big pictyre thinking, I focus on the whole problem so include in my wellbeing therapies advice on nutrition and allergy testing.  I treat all aspects of the person and all aspects of the problems that need addressing.  I work with lots of children and maybe because of my energy and the way I am, they really take to me and often ask their parents to take them to come see me, which is lovely.
Nikki is the resident psychic on TV show Shadow Chasers

Nikki is the resident psychic on TV show Shadow Chasers

You are passionate about people and community and are involved with lots of charities and groups.  Why are you especially passionate about SGPC?

I have a real desire to help people who are struggling with difficulties, including disabilities and special needs but have always felt really passionate about supporting Parent Carers. They are unsung and unseen heroes really. They do what they do with love but often the challenges their children and young people face often leaves them depleted without time for themselves but in real need of a healing, nurturing and a compassionate ear. That is why I have always had carer discounts for my treatments and for my treatments for children with disabilities or special needs.

So what is your offer?  Sounds great.

My offer is 20% off all treatments for Parent Carer members of the South Glos Parent Carer community and half price for all children. Detaiks of all the therapies I offer are on my website but to name just a few kinesiology, reflexology, Indian head massage. Such helpful and relaxing treatments. So if you are in need of some wellbeing support just get in touch I would love to help.
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We are so pleased to have Nikki on board as one of our amazing ambassadors who have a disability but are out in the world rocking it and we are really excited to have her involved with wellbeing for our community as we know that taking care of ourselves is so important so that we can go on doing the amazing job that we do taking care of others.   If you are interested on taking Nikki up on her offer she is in Bristol 3 days a month and is available for taking bookings.  Checkout her website for contact details here.

Nikki an Indigo Warrior pulling the sword from the stone.   Nikki's ADHD means she loves the freedom of the big outdoors and nature.

Nikki an Indigo Warrior pulling the sword from the stone.   Nikki's ADHD means she loves the freedom of the big outdoors and nature.




Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are of those interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of South Glos Parent Carers.