Blackhorse Resource Base take part in Cbeebies live Pablo art lesson

pablo thinks differently.jpg

Exploring art and facial expressions through the magical world of a boy who thinks differently

Pablo uses his magic crayons to turn his life challenges into fantastic adventures and his feelings into colourful characters with a voice - in the art of his imagination, just about anything can happen!
— Cbeebies

With Pablo, a Cbeebies character who thinks differently and sees the world in different ways, anything can really happen - even being famous on the telly for a day! Miss Lynch, Sycamore class teacher at the resource base at Blackhorse Primary responded to the BBC's call for classes to take part in a live learning session, where the class remotely took part in an exciting art lesson.

The boys had so much fun observing facial expressions and recreating them on their own Pablo, they even did some firework art for which they got some praise from Cbeebies presenters Ben Cajee and Joanna Adeyinka-Burford.  Miss Reynolds' Cherry class got a special mention for looking so festive in all their santa hats!  The children were so excited to take part saying "we are famous!" and feeling so proud of their work.

You can catch the lesson on Iplayer, it will be available for the next month.  Just click here.  Blackhorse pictures and mention is about 2omin & 23secs in,

Ethan (above) proudly shows off his picture and practices his facial expressions and emotions (click on pictures to change).

Pablo is centred around a young boy with autism who creates through his art imaginary characters that reflect some personality traits that are common amongst those on the autistic spectrum.  Children at primary schools that have resource bases attached are lucky in that they get to meet often children on the spectrum, and so understand some of the common traits. Moreover, they have the opportunity to understand how different ASD children can be, others may not have such regular opportunities.  Through the use of Pablo, Cbeebies created a good resource for parents introducing autism to their children entitled "Talking to your child about autism".

A huge well done to Cherry and Sycamore class!