We Found Ourselves Getting Emotional.....Over A Toilet!

Day Trips to The Mall Cribbs Causeway Just Became More Accessible.

Children and toilet Cribbs with branded banner.jpg

We love sharing great news here South Glos Parent Carers HQ and we also know just how big an issue accessible toilets are for some of our community, and how much lives can be restricted by such a basic need.  Many of you have been penning letters and joining campaigns on the subject.

We were so excited when we found out that a Changing Places toilet was being installed at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, we had to be to the first to see it finished.  With the help of Noah, Sam and Abbie (pictured above left to right), we met with Mall Director Deborah Jones and Project Manager Leon Morse for a ribbon cutting ceremony, and Abbie did the honours, go Abbie!

The facilities are fantastic, roomy and  including a hoist, changing bed even an adjustable sink and we know that state of the art bins are to follow.  There is a wall safe that holds the radar key outside the door, a quick phone call is all that is needed for the code if you don't already own your own.  

The Mall is now a place that is accessible to visit and stay a while and enjoy all it has to offer without the fear of the dreaded call of nature.  Family enjoyment and dignity needn't be compromised and we want to see more of this great stuff elsewhere.  Knowing the difference this will make to so many peoples lives, we did well up a little, but don't tell anyone.