Is Your Challenge of 2017 Post 16?

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Is this your child's next step?  Need Information?         Did you know we have a Post 16 Team?

It has been described to us at SGPC HQ as being like "Falling off a cliff", a terrifying metaphor but it does capture quite well the sense SEND parents can have of knowing where you are and having a direction for your child's education only to then reach the Post 16 phase and the ground beneath you and the firm footing you thought you had just disappears.  Information about what options that follow and where to go next can be sparse and not very forthcoming.

As we Parent Carers know such challenges can sometimes be really motivating, especially once you have got through it to the other side.  We are really motivated to try and make a difference, so that others need not go through the same, and this is why we have a team of volunteers who have been there who are making things simpler and less desolate for those setting out on this next stage of their journey.   This is a stage when not only educational opportunities change, it is the point where our young person quite rightly is addressed by services directly, and we move from being seen as parents to being the carer and there is a dynamic shift on how services interact with us and our young person.  Something that can take some adjusting to.  

As Annette, one of the team explains

"(the) Post 16 journey..our family has found hard work.  I can relate to those who describe it as 'falling off a cliff' ....however, with time/effort/perseverance in research there is support/information and groups available...and my hope is that in some small way, I can use this to help the families access the support / knowledge that will help them on their journey" 

So, how can we help you with your Post 16 queries?

The team have put together some Post 16 specific resources that are available and ready for whenever you need it and we can welcome you at one of our coffee mornings across South Glos, and the Post 16 team volunteers are available to listen to your queries, answer questions and point you in the direction of helpful services and information so that you can benefit from their own personal experiences and research and empower yourself in your information gathering.  We want to help you find the right opportunities for your child that reflect their interests, not just traditional opportunities.  You can get in touch by email, Facebook or by phone.  You can check out our Really Useful Guide also pages 34 / 35 and its truly useful directory of services at the back) 

Do Keep In Touch and sign up for Newsletters if you haven't already as we have held hugely popular Employment Events with Preparing for Adulthood and we hope to bring more events like this to more of our community in the future, their website is very useful so please do check it out and we welcome your questions and are here to help, so please do Keep in Touch.

Our dedicated post 16 team email: