10 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through The Hard Times

Posted by Didi Zheleva

We’ve all been there. After yet another meltdown, yet another bad episode or a just after a particularly stressful day, we find ourselves feeling exhausted, burnt out, we simply can’t take any more.

Trust me, you are not a bad parent. Even when you are on the verge of giving up, you need to find the strength to smile and persevere. And that’s what we specialise in. Giving you help, hope and support. Here are 10 amazing quotes you should probably print out and stick to the fridge door and refer to every time you feel like giving up!

  1. HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper maybe, when the whole world shouts ‘no’
  2. You can do the impossible because you have been through the unimaginable and you survived
  3. Believe in yourself as a parent, you are your child’s best therapist and advocate
  4. ‘Normal’ is a dryer setting. Don’t be normal. Be exceptional!
  5. Nobody can be a better you! You’re the best!
  6. You have dealt with so much, and done the best you can, so take a moment to appreciate how strong you are.
  7. Don’t just be good to your children. Be good to yourself too!
  8. Every day is another beginning full of new wonders and experiences. Remember that your child is one of them!
  9. It is up to you guide your child to show them how beautiful the world is!
  10. Love the life you live. Live the life you love!

It’s not easy to describe the experience of raising a child with special needs. From the outside, it may look challenging and stressful. But in the heart of a parent, it is a wonderful experience of evolution and personal growth. And even though it’s hard, we wouldn’t ever change it for the world!

Refer to these quotes when you feel like you need a spark of positivity in your day and maybe share them with someone who need that extra little boost!

Hope Quote