Local Charities Day December 16th - Get that warm fuzzy festive feeling

The Gift of Giving

The receiving and giving of gifts is just one of the many enjoyable things about Christmas.  It can also be a time of year when we reflect and think about giving and supporting within our communities.  Combining the giving of gifts and the nice warm fuzzy feeling we get when supporting a charity can only be a win win situation.  Why not this year consider donating towards a local South Glos based charity in someone's name or even just because it is the season of good will and to do something very positive for your neck of the woods.  

CVS South Gloucestershire (Charity and Voluntary Sector) are having their Local Charities Day this Friday the 16th of December to celebrate and support local charities and community groups and we are proud and pleased to say that South Glos Parent Carers are one of the groups you can choose to support.

Find out more how you can donate to South Glos Parent Carers HERE

Find out more about about CVS South Gloucestershire and to find out more about the other wonderful charities, groups and social enterprises also included in Local Charities day HERE