The Blessings of Special Needs.


For Our Family the Christmas Magic Lasts Longer

As Parent Carers we are on a special needs journey, and whilst there are challenges we share, we also know there are huge pluses to having beautiful children such as our own, and these benefits can make our hearts swell with love.

I remember well feeling the magic of Christmas and that fuzzy feeling it gave me, or feeling of ‘hygge’ (pronounced hue-ga) a Nordic concept of warm blissful cosiness recently added to added to the Oxford dictionary. Much of this feeling came in my belief of true Christmas magic and an unfailing belief that Father Christmas was somehow responsible for it all. In our house my mum had carefully crafted the tradition of making sure the tree was decorated whilst we slept, so we could wake up to what Father Christmas had done during his night time visit. One year, she even went so far as getting my father to dress up as the man himself, so we could creep down and observe him through a slight crack in the door, back towards us hard at work.

I also remember the quiet sadness I felt when I came to realise, despite all the effort put into the magic, not was all as it seemed. I tried to cling to the belief but sadly deep down I was giving in to the doubt. I would have loved to have held onto the magic for longer. This is why I watch my wee SEN child at this time of year with wonder and a little envy.

Belief is not an issue for him. He still believes, truly believes. Takes it all very literally. He has not a shred of doubt as to who was responsible when he sees a nibble from a mince pie or carrot. Complete and utter acceptance of the ‘magic key’ explanation for how the good man delivers gifts to those without chimneys. Edible glitter is most definitely magical dust and it is completely plausible and possible for one man to circumnavigate the globe, allowing for all time zone differences to visit all households with their different modes of entry and security systems delivering gifts in just one night.

I love him for this and I love that he gives me the opportunity to connect with my inner child and share this wonder, see Christmas through the eyes of unfailing belief for many more years than would typically be the case. It gives our Christmas added sparkle. Just one of the many blessings a SEN child can bring.

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