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Understanding Sensory Needs

  • The Kingswood Centre New Cheltenham Rd, Kingswood Bristol, BS15 4FS (map)
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Understanding Sensory Needs

Sensory needs can be complex and confusing but having an understanding can open your eyes to a whole new world that is as fascinating as it can be challenging.  Our course will follow 5 threads or themes.

  1. What is going on? Looking for clues.  Does your child have sensory needs? Do they have behaviours that seem interesting, bizarre or challenging in response to sound? Touch? Texture? What behaviours might indicate issues with sensory processing?
  2. Knowing and understanding.  Having knowledge explains so much and will bring many "aha!" and "so that is why...." moments.  This course will develop your knowledge and increase your understanding of your child and their sensory needs.  Sometimes understanding why behaviours occur, why your child cannot cope with certain sensory stimuli can relieve stress and anxiety for parents and carers.
  3. Positive & Proactive = happier families Once we have an understanding we can look at ways to be proactive to address sensory issues.  On our sensory needs course, you will get encouragement, ideas and support through learning techniques to support your child.  When your child's needs are met and they feel sensorily safe and supported they can flourish.  Happiness for all!  
  4. Making it work for you.  This course will help you learn how you can apply all the new sensory knowledge that you have acquired and apply it to your own circumstances and your child.
  5. Moving forward So now you know what to do and how it can work for you, what are the next steps?  How do you share this information with those who work with your child so you are all on the same page?  What services are out there and how you access them?  What can the future hold?  This course will gently help you start to think about the future and 'what next?'.

Understanding sensory needs is part of a new series of workshops written for Parents and Carers in South Glos.  We are piloting 5/6 different workshops for Parents and Carers in South Glos only.

We are looking for 12 parents to attend our seminar and to give us constructive feedback so we can tweak our content.  

Venue The Kingswood Centre  

We are asking for a returnable deposit of £10 per person to secure your booking.  Your deposit will be returned upon arrival. 

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