Our Board 

Our Board consists of 3 Executive Directors and 3 Non Executive Directors.  The role of the Board of Directors role is to ensure we provide effective governance, focusing:

  • Strong Leadership

  • Effective Procedures

  • Operational Strategy

  • Accountability

  • Transparency .  

The board meets 4 times a year to hear updates on the progress and current position of the organisation.   

Meet Our Directors


Fiona joined SGPC first as a parent of a child with additional needs

" I was invited to attend the first conference that SGPC held for parents and professionals.  I attended out of curiosity because I am also a foster carer and I wanted to gain a better understanding of the challenges I might face as a carer of a SEND child.  I remain involved with SGPC because I have a passion for the work that SGPC do and I share the same vision because I know that SGPC really wants to make a difference within the community"  

As a Director, Fiona provides an independent and impartial view of company business.  She helps monitor the executive activity and is  particularly keen to ensure that whatever SGPC do, that they keep the parent/carer who has just joined our organisation at the forefront of our minds, keeping any jargon to a minimum.

"I take my responsibility of making sure that I help safeguard the assets of the company seriously and I believe that the most important assets are our parent and carers.  I am very proud to be a part of SGPC and I will continuously endeavour to challenge and support the team in enabling us to reach our goals and aspirations as parents and carers together"


Helen has been involved with SGPC right at the start in a supportive role and has always had admiration for Parents and Carers.  Helen's background was in Social Care. Having now retired, Helen keeps herself very busy by volunteering at a charity one day a week as well as being on our board. We are delighted to have Helen as a Non- Executive director and also a joint chair of the board of Directors.     


Leonie became involved with SGPC in 2010 as a member of our community and was interested in making a difference for other families as well as working alongside professionals to help improve and shape services.

When SGPC became a Community Interest Company in 2013 Leonie joined as a director and also is part of the Leadership Team in May 2013.  


South Glos Parents and Carers is an organisation Rachel is so proud to be part of. Bringing Parent Carers together to help and support each other and to try to make the journey easier for other families on their own journey is so powerful.  

Rachel  Co founded SGPC  back in 2009 with a couple of other parents and used to meet up in coffee shops to plan the work and future of the group . SGPC has grown from strength to strength and now has its own office base based at Yate.  

Rachel was the Chair of the Steering group and in 2013 when SGPC became a community Interest Company she took on the role as CEO.  

Sue F

Sue's background is an Educational Psychology and has always had a passion for children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disability. Sue  has been involved in so many projects since her retirement  and is passionate about children and young people with additional needs and their families, Autism Education Trust, School Governor and is one of our Non-Executive Directors and Joint Chair at SGPC. Oh, and not forgetting a grandparent to two adorable grandchildren.          

Sue H

Sue became involved with South Glos Parents and Carers almost at the very start in 2009. Sue has been involved with different charities in the past and used to be a school Governor. We are so pleased to have Sue involved as a Director and also her day to day role is Finance/Payroll and Health & Safety.  

Lloyd B

Both of my sons have special educational needs including autism and hypermobility. One has received specialist education via a local resource base and the other receives support in a mainstream setting. Through the excellent support they received they have both transitioned to a local mainstream secondary school. It was a struggle at times to get the diagnosis and right support for them, but what this has shown me is that (1) excellent professional help and support is available, though accessing it can be seriously challenging, and (2) with that help and support amazing outcomes are possible.

I have spent most of my career in IT. I have held directorate level management posts in a number of universities, local government and in the NHS where I managed some of the largest IT departments in the country, some of which had large commercial operations. I very much hope that I will be able to bring my long business and commercial experience to SGPC as well as substantial skills in planning and prioritisation.